Saturday, December 31, 2005

Winter Wonderland II

This is what our neighborhood looked like at 8:30am yesterday. It continued to snow through most of the morning and afternoon. Everything is white and clean and there's a certain "sereneness" about a fresh covering of snow!

I made it into work just fine; there wasn't much traffic at all. I'm sure many people were off for the holiday. We were released early, so by 4:30pm I was relaxing and stitching. Both kids were gone with friends and my DH was puttering in the garage. I watched, without interruption, the Sound of Music! This is one of my all time favorite movies and every now and then I pull it out and enjoy!

While watching the movie, I finished another Essy's Friends project (this one designed by Lilybet) and did the stitching on another (I'll work on finishing it today). I have two more to complete and then I will be caught up. The next design is by Shepherd's Bush.

I also worked on Faith, Hope, and Love but it's not quite finished. It's quite boring stitching the border! There will be more time for stitching today, so visit again for updates!

Von, thanks for the update regarding the Rose Parade. I didn't realize that they had moved it to Monday!

Happy New Year everyone!


mainely stitching said...

Thanks for sharing pictures of your winter wonderland. We had snow yesterday, but this morning it started to rain and now it's all gone.

Your Essy's projects are lovely!!

Kiwi Jo said...

Happy New Year Cathy!

Lelia said...

Hi Cathy: I sent you 3 e-mails ... hope that helps.

Your projects are lovely. Excellent stitching AND finishing!

We are getting rain -- days of rain as our temperatures are above freezing.

Rose Parade on MONDAY? What is with that?

BeckySC said...

Heelo friend :)
I received your application and sent you the needed info :)

Congrats on another cute finish :)

Happy New Year to you :)

hugs :)

CJ in OK ;-) said...

The snow is lovely. I miss it at this time of year. So dry here no snow or rain and temperatures to warm to be winter. Your stitching is great I found you from Tobie's site.

Von said...

Happy New Year, Cathy! Your snow looks lovely :) The last two days we've had rain galore - if it had been colder, we'd be snowed in for sure!!

Kitty Couture said...

Happy New Year Cathy!! :o)

Here in Paris it's like Barbara in Holland: we've had a week of snow and ice, and this morning it's raining!

Your projects are really lovely!

Carol said...

Oh, the snow is lovely, and yes you're right about the serenity. I love to step out when it's snowing very late at night just to capture the quiet and the beauty of it. Ours doesn't stay pristine very long though - once the dog gets out, tromping through it, lol.

Love your Essy's pieces too, BTW. I did consider joining for those, but have so much else on my plate. I have Sampler Game Board to do also. Looking forward to your progress!

Chelle said...

The Essy's projects are so cute!