Sunday, January 01, 2006

Starting the New Year with a New Project

Happy New Year everyone! Enjoyed the day entertaining family - good food, good company, great fun!

Started a new project for the new year. I've probably owned the pattern for at least six or seven years, purchased the fabric three or four years ago, but just never could get motivated enough to get it started. Then, several weeks ago, I noticed that Bine in Germany was stitching this design and decided to stitch along with her. She's been patiently waiting for me to get going! Bine is stitching one house per week. I'm probably going to try to do a little bit more so that I can catch up to her!

Here it is - today's progress on the Game Board Sampler by Drawn Thread:

The other projects I would like to work on over the next several weeks are:

  • Cindy Valentine Apricot Elegance (Stitching Smalls group)
  • Homespun Elegance Snowman Button Sampler
  • Little House Needlework Season of Rest
  • EGA Mystery Sampler (need to complete the last three lessons)

    There are other smaller projects that I will work on, but these are some of the more substantial projects that I would like to complete.

    Tomorrow is my official work holiday. The kids are off of school. We're planning to stay home, watch the Rose Parade, and just enjoy the day. Have a great day!

    BeckySC said...

    Congrats on your new start. I have this one too and have wanted to stitch it for some time now (probably as long as you :) :) )but for some reason it never ends up in my WIP's :) Good luck and enjoy it :)

    Big hugs :)

    Your day tomorrow sounds nice and relaxing :) :) :)

    Anonymous said...

    Happy New Year Cathy!

    I'm looking forward to seeing your progress on Sampler Game Board - I'm hoping that 2006 is the year that mine gets framed :)

    Lelia said...

    Cathy it is awesome. I was on Bine's blog a few minutes ago & could see how lovely this will be. Good going & enjoy this one. Looking forward to more progress photos!

    CJ in OK ;-) said...

    Nice start for the years 1st day. This will be a super piece I look forward to seeing it progress.
    Enjoy your Day with the kids.

    Bine said...

    Oh Cathy, I'm so glad you started the Game Board :-) It will be very motivating....

    Von said...

    Enjoy your extra day off today - sounds like we're doing much the same things :) I am going to my stash to look through the fabric to start a little something!

    mainely stitching said...

    Cathy, I love this design - can't wait to see more of yours! Happy (late) New Year!!

    Anonymous said...

    This is such a great design, my fingers are itching to join you Cathy. However, I have 2 unfinished DT projects already so I should at least finish one before I start this one. Have fun with it!

    Chelle said...

    You will enjoy working on the game board Cathy! My sister Joy has it stitched and hanging on the wall. Are you going to stitch the squares as charted or make them all right-side up? I've seen stitchers do it both ways... Just curious!