Monday, May 22, 2006

Game Board Sampler Update

Hi everyone - I've been kind of quiet lately. Just busy with projects around the house and kids activities.

Today I should be posting my weekly Game Board update but I didn't make much progress on it last night. As soon as I log off of the computer tonight I'm going to stitch on it some, so I'll try to post a picture tomorrow!

Our group is growing - Bine was the original member, then Lelia and Myrna joined us. Nicole is cruising on her sampler and this week Pam joined in the fun. Be sure to check out Nicole and Pam's pictures!

I know that Lelia has a couple of non-blogger friends who are stitching with us. Is anyone else SAL'ing with us that I'm not aware of?


mainely stitching said...

Can't wait to see your picture of your progress - I'm sure it'll be beautiful!

Von said...

Wow, Cathy! Way to go - your finished projects are beautiful!!