Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Stitching Update

Friends - sorry for my lack of blogging lately! It's Spring - and we've had weddings, first communions, confirmations, etc. Last night, my daughter and I visited the school she will be attending next year - they had a picnic for incoming new students. It's just been one thing after another!

I am not going to review April goals - I don't think I accomplished too much! I am also not going to set specific goals for May. My general goal is going to be to finish some projects that are "oh, so close" to being done!

Here's what I've been working on lately:

On Sunday, I re-started the DT Game Board Sampler. I decided to stitch it on 36 ct (one strand of floss over two. I really like it! Here's a picture with the first version on 25ct and the new start on 36 ct.

Sorry for the wrinkles - I work in hand and I didn't have time to press before I took this picture. Now, is anyone interested in my partially stitched version on 25ct? It's maybe finished about a fourth of the way -- I'd be happy to pass this on to anyone who would like to finish it for themselves...

The other project I'm working on is Quilt Time Sampler by LHN. I stitched the two quilts in the middle and the bottom section this week. I still have the top section to finish.

And now a question for anyone who might be able to help me - I'm trying to finish my Apricot (Mint) Elegance needlecase - it's "oh so close!" I need to make cording for the scissors fob and for the case. I used Needle Necessities pearl cotton to stitch this and I would like to use the same NN pearl cotton for the cording - the problem is that the pearl cotton is pre-cut into one yard lengths. When I make cording, I twist the entire length of the thread and then fold it in half - so in other words, I end up with an 18 inch piece of cording and it is not long enough. Is there a trick on how to do this and end up with a longer piece of cording?

Thanks - have a nice day!


Kitty Couture said...

Hi Cathy, I love your LHN! And the Game Board does look prettier on that higher-count fabric.
I can't help you about the cording...

Have a great day!

Lelia said...

Cathy: I had a similar problem with Sampler Thread (which is cut when purchased). I got a tip from the LNS: Knot the cut ends together. Separate (knot in middle). Then, you can make the twist, fold it over (at the knot) and the cording is twice the length.

Would that be long enough for your project?

If you have no other takers, my Nicholas would finish your gameboard - (I already have the pattern & extra floss).

Myrna said...

Hi Cathy!

I'm really enjoying the DT Game Board. I finally posted a picture.

And, the LHN is darling!

Hugs and stitches...

Anonymous said...

Good choice to restart, Cathy, it looks great! I like Lelia's suggestion for the cording because otherwise I'm at a loss for how to help. You could always post to the Stitching Smalls SAL board and ask Linda what she did?

P.S. Please don't apologize for not blogging. We all do this for enjoyment. Do it when you have time and the mood strikes you. Never feel sorry. ;)

Anonymous said...

Your Game Board on the 36ct looks so delicate Cathy - I think it's going to turn out lovely :)

The LHN piece is really sweet too. Good luck with the cording - Leila's suggestion sounds like it would work well :)

Sasha Farina said...

the game board is gonna look gorgeous! its lovely already!

CJ in OK ;-) said...


I use a corder that can twist 3 pieces at once then twists the three cords together (no folding). Even without a battery operated corder you could twist separate pieces, don't fold them, then twist them with each other. You may need some help to accomplish this a person some hooks, etc but it may work to get a longer piece of cording. Good Luck CJ

Nicole said...

Hi Cathy,

I'm thinking of stitching along with you all. I have a piece of Light Mocha Cashel that I was thinking of using. Do you think you will finish it as a game board, or do you plan on framing it?