Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Paging Angela

Just a quick post tonight - I'm looking for Angela. She was the fifth and final person to sign up for my PIF challenge. She left this message on my blog back on November 21:

I don't know if I am still in time but i would love to sign up for this lovely scheme. I don't have a blog but i'm going to see if I can find a way of doing something similar. I love your blog. it's always so inspiring.
Many thanks Angela

Angela never sent her address to me. So, if anyone knows Angela or if they know how to get in touch with Angela, could you please help me get connected with her? I'd like to fulfill my commitment to her. Thanks!


mainely stitching said...

Nope, no idea. Sorry.

I started a PIF last night. I'm only halfway done with mine. So bad ... but I have such good intentions!

Susimac said...

I've let her know after you emailed me - she was going to email you, I'll speak to her again, but she wondered after she had signed up if she should have done as she doesn't blog so she thought it might be just for bloggers, but I said that didn't matter, I'll email you with her address if you would like.

Katrina said...

Don't know her but looks like Su has things in hand for you. I am way impressed you are done. I still have three to go ;-).

Anonymous said...

Angela here :>)
Cathy, thanks so much for making such efforts to find me. I can't find your email - would you mind emailing me at john.sweby@btinternet.com