Saturday, November 13, 2010

That Dirty Little "S" Word


Mother Nature is busy again. On Wednesday, the high was 65 degrees and the sun was shining. Today, we've had somewhere in the neighborhood of about 10 inches of snow dumped on us. The first snowfall of the year and it is quite a doozy. The snow is wet and heavy; the kind that makes shoveling the driveway quite a chore. Navigating the roads earlier today weren't much fun either. It seems like even diehard Minnesotans forget how to drive in this stuff from one winter to the next. Well, I'm home for the evening and I'm planning to stay put!

Here are some winter pictures for you of the area in which we live. The last picture I took through my windshield as I was coming home this afternoon. Counting the months until Spring arrives!

Despite the snow, this morning I was out and about. My mother had signed up to participate in a church boutique not too far from where I live. I had offered to help her today and tomorrow morning. Those of you who follow my blog know that my mother is a tatter. She has been tatting since eight grade; her eighth grade teacher (a benedictine nun) taught her how to do it and she has been tatting ever since (she's 78 years young.)

Here's a picture of her at her table. She has two small Christmas trees on either end of the table filled with white tatted ornaments. On the table, we had more ornaments, some tatted bookmarks and some tatted crosses.

Wouldn't it be cool to have a tree adorned with just white tatted ornaments?

We had a few other little handmade things that we sold too. Unfortunately, the weather took it's toll on the boutique -- since the driving was so bad, very few people ventured out today. There weren't very many shoppers! Maybe tomorrow morning will be better.

Well, I have more to share but will save my other stories for tomorrow! Happy Stitching!


Chris said...

SNOW is a four letter word! It does seem kind of early. I used to live in Maine so I have had my fair share. There is usually not much here in NC. I miss the quiet of a snow fall. And then when it clears the sound of all the birds out forraging.
Your Mom's tatting is so lovely. The trees look great.
Stay warm!

Kathy said...

Well, the snow photo sure do look pretty. But please keep it in MN. I am so not ready for it here in NY. :)

Love, love, love the photo of your Mom. And her tatting is just fabulous!!! Bless her heart. My Mom never did anything crafty. I got that from my Grandmothers.

Lisa V said...

Love seeing photos of the snow. Its been many, many years since I've seen it, back when I lived in England.
Now I'm in Australia we dont get any snow and Christmas is hot, hot, hot. YUCK!!

natalysneedle said...

I love your mom's beautiful work. I just pick up a how to book on tatting because my grandmother was a tatter and I am interested in trying it. Good Luck with the snow, stay warm.

Stephanie said...

What beautiful tatting! It's also wonderful that your mom is still active and it looks like she's having a blast! Please keep the snow. This Texas gal thinks it's pretty to look at, but doesn't want to deal with it. (We had 17" of the white stuff last winter. That's enough for about 20 years! LOL)

Denise said...

Ten inches before Thanksgiving? Ugh! Already? It's pretty - but I'm just not ready. Sigh!

Your Mom's tatting and craft table are great - too bad about the weather! I want to learn to tat - just haven't taken the time! And yes a tree in tatted ornies would be cool!

Smiles - Denise

Hazel said...

Wow wow wow! Look at all that snow. Oh it gets me so excited to see it all even though I know it is a pain in the neck! Your mum's tatting looks wonderful. I would love a tatted cross bookmark. x

Bekca said...

I can't believe you have snow already, we probably won't see a single flake until January. It must be a pain, but so pretty at the same time. Your mum's tatting looks wonderful and I agree with you about the tree just decorated with white tatting ornaments, it would be so elegant. Stay safe and warm!

Anonymous said...

Be happy, the snow is wonderful.
Every year I wait for it, but it is only for one or two weeks in the north of Germany.
The photo of your mom is sooo nice. I hope,when I am older, that I can still make my needlework because of the eyes.
Thank you for the photos.
Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland von

staci said...

Cute pic of your mom at her I can put a face to the all the gorgeous hardanger ornaments! You're absolutely right, a tree with just those would be gorgeous!

Hope you're staying warm, we got another light dusting last night so thankfully not nearly as much as you!

BrendaS said...

Beautiful ornaments! They look so delicate on the tree.

I hope the SNOW stays north of us for a while. It's very cold and windy here today so I know that we will be getting some before we know it.

Ellen said...

Yikes--so much snow already!!

As a transplanted Floridian living in Ohio, I love looking at it as long as I don't have to go out in it. Our first winter here we had a record cold of -25 (that may not seem so cold to you, but it was to us).

Your mother's tatting is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I love seeing photos of snow ... but of course I don't have to see if in person each year - as my mother reminds me, it's nice to see but totally different when you have to live in it, shovel it, and drive/walk in it every day! Which is true ... but I still love to see it :P Hope the boutique sales went better the next day :)