Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bad Blogger

Hello dear friends. Sorry that I haven't posted more; life just gets in the way sometimes. I think that I sound like a broken record when I say that.

I was just reading a post by Laura of Maude and Mozart; she confessed that some days she spends more time daydreaming about stitching - what she is stitching now, what to stitch next, what friends are stitching, what is new from the designers, and what is the next chart that she wants to buy. Her post really hit home because I am often doing the same thing! So here's my confession:

1) What am I stitching on now?
C Street Samplerworks, Quaker Medallion Sampler

2) What do I want to stitch next? Well, I should really stick with one of my 2011 crazy challenge pieces or work on one of the numerous WIPs I have, but truth be told, I'm itching to stitch something from Blackbird Designs, maybe Strawberry Garden or Summer House.

3) What are my friends stitching?
It seems like a lot of you are working on the With Thy Needle and Thread Mystery Sampler. I have it started too!

4) What is new from the designers?
I'm liking some of the new releases from Lizzie Kate and was excited to receive my Just Cross Stitch Preview Ornament issue in the mail yesterday. Looking forward to the next edition of Loose Feathers from Blackbird Designs too!

5) What is the next chart that I want to buy?
Well, I think it is going to be the second installment of the Mystery Sampler!

Now it's your turn...I'll be waiting to see your answers on your blogs!

Enough chatter, I have a picture to share with you. Look what I had framed recently! Don't you love it? I took advantage of JoAnn's recent framing sale and got a great deal on it!

Birds of a Feather
Happy Hearts
unknown linen, 35 ct
WDW fibers

And here are some hardanger doilies that I've been busy stitching; I need these as gifts for a trip I will be taking soon.

That's all I've got for you tonight. Hope to talk with you again soon. Thanks for stopping by!


Chris said...

I don't know here the time is going either. It is flying by!

Your Birds of a Feather piece looks great. The hard anger ornaments are very pretty too. I need to learn to do some of these.
I hope you have a great weekend!

Laurie in Iowa said...

Your Happy Hearts sampler looks wonderful all framed up. Love those hardanger ornaments too.

Sylvia said...

I love your post - I do the same thing often.

I am currently stitching Hare Pyns by Patrick Woods for a class in Sept. There is a lot of stitching, and I am not enjoying it all that much. I put down the Mystery Sampler in order to concentrate on this.

When I get done it will be back to the Mystery Sampler and my long time WIP of CHS's Virtuous Woman stocking ( yes, its from THAT retreat we went on...LOL). Of course after that I have to kick it into gear to get two more Christmas Stockings for the kids stitched.

Your framed BOAF Sampler looks amazing

Gabi said...

Your hardanger pieces look great...and Happy Hearts is just GORGEOUS. Love it.

And you're right...on some days dreaming about stitching can be very time

Hazel said...

Lovely framed piece Cathy. I must admit - I do that too. Spent too much time thinking and not enough time doing. Nice post though. I might do one similar. x

Margaret said...

Love your framed piece! It came out wonderfully! It was fun to read about your current stitching wants and doings. I have to pick up my mystery sampler from the lns. Still haven't done that. You and Laura have got me thinking now!

krayolakris said...

I put Susan Rambo aside to stitch Part 1 of the Mystery Sampler & now can't wait for Part 2!!! Your Hardanger work is beautiful!

Valerie said...

Love the framed finish! Gotta love those framing sales!

The hardanger doilies are exquisite! Such beautiful work!

pj said...

Cathy, Your Happy Hearts Sampler turned out beautiful! I love the frame as it fits it perfect! I have this in my stash all kitted up to start....I finished my border on the Mystery Sampler and am so ready for the next part. pam

Ellen said...

Happy Hearts is beautifully framed! Love your hardanger dolies!

I'm always buying and starting new projects. You get to see a finished piece only occasionally, lol!


Karen said...

Oh...I love your framed Happy Hearts. So pretty.

If I stitched half as fast in real life than I do in my head, I would have so finished by now!

Giovanna said...

Love your BoaF sampler, and the Hardanger - gorgeous stitching!