Sunday, August 07, 2011

We Resume Our Regularly Scheduled Program

This is a stitching blog after all. And, while I thoroughly enjoyed sharing our trip to Austria and Hungary with you, it's time now to get back to the business of stitching! (I did find some more pictures of the Hövej embroidery though which I will share at the end of this post...)

Let's start with a finish! Since arriving home I had time to work on this patriotic design that has been in my stash forever. The pattern calls for this design to be stitched one-over-one; you all know how much I LOVE stitching one-over-one (NOT!) I switched out the linen for 36ct Summer Khaki and stitched the design two-over-two. Since this linen color is a little darker, I had to make some adjustments to the floss color for the sheep, but otherwise, it is stitched as charted. Without further ado, here is "Flag Day" from With Thy Needle and Thread!

Flag Day
With Thy Needle and Thread
36ct Summer Khaki
DMC Fibers

Last week and this week the quilt shops in Minnesota are hosting their annual Quilt Minnesota Shop Hop. What makes this event particularly fun, is that every year there is a line of fabrics designed with a Minnesota theme. Click on the link if you would like to see this year's fabrics.

Over the weekend I took time to visit some of the shops in the Twin Cities. I've dabbled a little bit in quilting, but never have completed a large project. I bought some fabric this weekend and am going to attempt to make a quilt. Will let you know how that goes!

I found a few more photos of the Hövej embroidery that I didn't share with you on my initial post (The Embroidery of Hövej, July 27). Here a few more pictures for you to enjoy.

One afternoon we had lunch at the home of one of my mother's cousins. She had the panels inside her china hutch lined with Hövej embroidery.

Then, in another room, she had another hutch and each shelf had edging that was made from Hövej embroidery. Isn't it beautiful? (Sorry for the reflection.)

Notice how each circle is filled with a different design. (Click on the photo to make it larger.)

We enjoyed a beautiful today; temperatures have finally cooled down a bit. We cleaned up our garden a little bit; pulled some weeds, picked cucumbers and yellow squash. In a few days we are going to have a boat load of tomatoes (as soon as they all turn red!)

That's all I've got. Hope you have a fabulous week. Do some stitching!


Margaret said...

I love love love your finish! I love Brenda's designs! And the embroidery -- wow, so exquisite! Thanks for showing the pics.

Lynn said...

Great finish! Brenda's designs are some of my favourites too. I'm just getting started on one of hers.
What a neat way to display the embroidery. It really shows it off well.
I checked on those quilt fabrics and they're amazing!

carol fun said...

I love the Flag day piece - so pretty! And the Hovej embroidery is exquisite - I love ethnic needlework and fear that so many of these designs will be forgotten. The needlework of our mothers and grandmothers is very precious and I hope will be preserved for many generations to come.

Brigitte said...

The embroidery looks fantastic. What a perfect way to decorate the shelves.
I love your latest finish. Brenda's designs are also very appealing to me.

Bekca said...

Love your latest finish, I've just discovered stitching over one and I don't find it too bad. Looking forward to seeing your quilt project develop. Best wishes.

robindefender said...

What a cute little stitched piece!

Shirlee said...

I was looking at past postings on your blog & there is one where you show a project by Blackbird Designs titled Winter Delivery. I have searched & searched for this chart on Google without any luck. Would you be able to tell me where you purchased this chart as I would love to make this project as well. My email is Thank you : ) Blessings, Shirlee

Sherry said...

Oh my, that embroidered fabric is stunning. I can't wait to see your quilt as you make it. Your finish is beautiful!

Bertie said...

Beautifully stitched, love the sheep:))
I have never heard of Hovej embroidery but it looks stunning, thanks for sharing.

barbara said...

That embroidery is just breathtaking! Oh my heavens!!!

Flag Day is adorable. :)

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Congrats on the finish! That embroidery is just juicy. How lovely!

Katrina said...

Pretty finish and what gorgeous embroidery!!!!

Kathy A. said...

Cathy - I just returned from vacation and spent some time reading back over your blog.
Your trip to Austria was amazing. What gorgeous photos and what lovely memories. European churches are just so spectacularly beautiful aren't they.
The Hovej embroidery is stunning and what a unique idea to use it for panels on a buffet. Do I see a new art for you?