Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Can't believe the pictures coming out of the east this morning.  To think that I was in New York just last week and everything was as normal as could be and now today...all that devastation!  My thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by this horrible storm.

Last Friday morning my daughter, my mom, and I flew to Indianapolis.  Look what greeted us as we deplaned:

There is a Vera Bradley store in the airport!  We ogled all the pretty colors and patterns for a little bit and then moved on to pick up our car rental and head out.  Our destination:  Lafayette, IN.  My daughter's boyfriend studies at Purdue and she wanted to visit him.  I didn't want her traveling alone, so we decided to make a weekend of it.  She spent all of her time at Purdue; I had other plans in mind!

On Saturday morning, my mom and I drove up to LaPorte, IN; it's just a two-hour drive from where we were staying.  You all know what is in LaPorte, right?

That would be House of Stitches!  Have always wanted to go there - what a great shop.  It's a fairly good sized shop and it is jam-packed with patterns, fibers, linen, etc., etc.  There was so much to look at!  Sorry, I wasn't very good about taking pictures once inside.

While I was happy to finally get to the shop, I had two other objectives in mind for this trip.  If possible, I wanted to meet Lelia from Stitches of Life.  She is the very first connection I made when I first started my blog all the way back in 2005.  We have been online friends ever since.  I hoped that she would be available to come to the shop and she was!  Fortunately, Lelia is also a tatter and so she and my mom spent much of time "talking tatting" - my mom even learned how to do a "split ring" from Lelia, so she was especially glad that she had come along.  Lelia, thank you for taking time out of your busy weekend to come visit us and have lunch with us!

The other "mission" I had in mind was to try to connect with Ruth Ann Russell of C Street Samplerworks.  I keep telling her that I am the president of her fan club, LOL! Ruth Ann lives near House of Stitches, the shop has her trunk show of designs always on display.  Lucky for me, Ruth Ann had the day free and was able to stop in at the shop.  What a delight to meet her!  She showed me the sampler she is currently reproducing.  It's top secret, so I can't tell you any details; but I can guarantee you that I will be stitching it as soon as the chart is released and I suspect that many of you will be too.  We talked and talked about samplers, about genealogy  about her designs that she has had published in SANQ....I could have talked and stitched with her the entire day!  It was so good meeting her and I look forward to future designs from her.  Mission accomplished.

Her models are on display just above us in the display behind us!  Many of you will recognize "I Sigh Not for Beauty" (left in back) and Quaker Medallion Sampler (right in back).

We left LaPorte and headed a bit further north to Michigan City.  Found out that there was a Vera Bradley outlet store there and decided to check it out.  I'm glad I don't live there, I probably would spend all of my money at that store...it was fun to see oodles and oodles of Vera.  The prices were comparable to what you would pay via the online outlet store...After our shopping was done we headed back to LaFayette and had a nice dinner with my daughter and her boyfriend.  Great weekend.

Maybe tomorrow I'll share with you some of the stash-shopping that I did on this trip and in LaCrosse.


Mrs. DillyDally said...

Sounds like a perfect dillydally day for you and your mother! Lovely! We share another passion...Vera Bradley! Thank you for sharing your adventures...I sew enjoy following you! Hugs!

barbara said...

Oh man, I would LOVE to meet up with you and Lelia!!!

The Inspired Stitcher said...

What a great visit you had to Hoosierville. That part of the state is one of my favorites especially House of Stitches! Thanks for sharing your grand adventure. Can't wait to see what came home with you.

Laurie in Iowa said...

Sounds like a great weekend to me! Glad you were able to connect with your two cyber stitching friends. Can't wait to read the stash report. I hope to get to House of Stitches one day.

C Street Samplerworks said...


It was such fun meeting my "one-woman fan club!" ;o) Wish we didn't live so far apart so we could get together often to stitch and talk genealogy & samplers.

I'm glad that you had the chance to visit House of Stitches. I feel so lucky to live only few blocks away. It is a super shop with a wonderful staff.

Peace & Love,

Ranae said...

Anna and I was at Houses of Stitches on Friday, also Michigan city and we didnt know there was a Vera store, thank goodness
That was great you got to meet fellow stitchers there
Enjoy all that stash and do share pictures

Chris said...

Looks like you had fun! I can't wait to see the stash!

Faye said...

I love that you met these nice ladies on your trip~~ AND, I am so so glad you went to NYC the weekend before.....Probably doesn't look the same as when you were there.... Nasty storm...

Loved the photos...Faye

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. You were in my neck of the woods and I didn't know you were coming. Actually had the day off work to!!!! Driving to HoS was actually on my list of wants to do that day but then my parents called and I went to visit them. So close you were and would have been fun to meet you. Oh well, glad you enjoyed, manybe next time to meet. Rhonda Baatz in Auburn, IN

Kellie from Indiana said...

Ah, the House of Stitches, my home away from home. Linda the owner has a stitchers treasure in that building! So glad you got to meet Ruth Ann, she's a very nice woman. She helped me on an antique sampler I bought. So nice.

Ellen said...

Wow, Cathy! You certainly have been a gad-about recently!

Glad that you were able to visit the wonderful House of Stitches and also meet up with Lelia and Fran. How much fun that must have been!

teresa said...

Oh Cathy I am glad you had such a fun trip! I have met Ruth Ann Russell at HOS just accidentally ~ it was a thrill for me (-: you sure packed a lot in! Hugs T

Anonymous said...

Hi Cathy! My daughter goes to Purdue. Next time you come to Indiana let me know and I'll try to meet up with you. Hope you ave a great Thanksgiving!