Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Masterpiece Completed!

I just received these pictures from Mrs. Szigethy's daughter; the altar cloth is completed!  It took her two months from start to finish to re-create this beautiful piece done in Hövej embroidery.  Mrs. Szigethy stitched the original many, many years ago for the church in Agyagosszergény.  She borrowed it from them so that she could copy her design and stitch it again.  This finished reproduction is now on display at her exhibit in the village of Hövej.

Here are some pictures of her completed work!

When I visited last November, there was another altar cloth in its place; I will have to ask what will happen with that one.  Perhaps they are going to use it on the other side.  There's another room in the building that they are currently re-doing and will have more of Mrs' Szigethy's embroidery on display.

Thank you for following along with me as we watched her progress on this piece of needlework.  She's an amazing and very talented needleworker!

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Wishing you all a Blessed Easter!


Ellen said...

Absolutely beautiful, Cathy! I can't believe how quickly Mrs. S. completed this incredible piece of needlework!

Thanks for educating us about this type of embroidery.

CJ in OK ;-) said...

So beautiful, an amazing work of art. Thanks for letting us be a part of her stitching journey. CJ in OK

Laurie in Iowa said...

Beautiful! What an accomplishment. I've really enjoyed your blog posts. Thank you.

Mrs. DillyDally said...

A true masterpiece! What talent! I have learned so much from reading your posts...thank you! Happy Easter!

Marsha said...

That is just amazing and beautiful. Happy Easter to you.

Ann said...

Such exquisite work! Thank you for taking us on this journey! And what a perfect week-end to see the finished masterpiece.

Karoline said...

It's stunning, congratulations to Mrs Szigethy

Margaret said...

She is amazing! What beautiful work! Thanks for sharing her work with us -- and thank Mrs. S for us too!

marly said...

Amazing work and even more amazing that it was done in two months. Thanks for taking us on her stitching journey.

Marilyn said...

Oh, it's beautiful.
I can't imgaine stitching on such thin, sheer material.
She did an amazing job.
Thank for sharing all the stories about Hövej embroidery.
I have never heard of it, so it was very inetresting to me.
And how great that you got to go there and experience it firsthand!

Jean said...

Stunning work, she is an amazing needleworker, hope others do the work as well and it carries on.

msmartello said...

The alter cloth is absolutely gorgeous! Have a great time at your retreat. Will you be at Dyeing to Stitch in October? Hope to see you there.