Sunday, June 14, 2015

Notice to the Residents of Zionsville

Residents of Zionsville. It's once again safe in your fine city. Residents no longer need to lock their doors. Children may play safely in the streets. You no longer need to fear for your homemade popcorn or almond cookies. The MN girls have departed and are heading north. :)


Today was our final day in Indiana. We were in class for a good portion of the day. Today we worked on "Williamsburg Remembered" another beautiful needle case from Catherine Theron.

When class was over we bid farewell to our stitching sisters until next time.

My friend Chris stitched in the backseat until we reached our destination for tonight.

Ate dinner for the first time at Steak and Shake!

Home tomorrow!



Khristine Doiron said...

LOL homemade popcorn and almond cookies!! You guys sure sound like a dangerous bunch! I wish I could stitch while I was in a moving car... I think the Canadian roads are just too bumpy. :)

Cricket-bug Corner said...

I've lived in Indiana for two years and didn't know about these fun places - looks like you had a great time!!

woolwoman said...

it was lots of fun reading about your trip adventures. I love the Theron projects you had in class. Our guild has ordered a couple of her pieces she offers to groups, they are very well done. Mel