Saturday, September 12, 2015

Great Mail Day!

A wonderful package arrived in the mail today. I enjoy finishing my own stitching and I think I am fairly good at it, but sometimes even I struggle with finishing certain pieces. Thank goodness for excellent finishers who are willing to take our finished stitching and create magic.

Faye, aka Carolina Stitcher, recently accepted two of my stitched pieces for finishing. The first piece, is one of the La D Da name tags. Faye had finished this name tag for someone else and did such a nice job, so I was happy to send this one to her.

One of Faye's trademarks is extra little touches that she adds, like this little spool wrapped with coordinating thread.

And a collection of charms...

I look forward to wearing this name tag at my next stitching event!

I also sent Faye this petite huswife; the design is from Primitive Traditions. As you can tell, I finished the stitching back in 2014. It had been languishing in my finishing pile all this time. Faye to the rescue!

Three pockets on the inside to hold scissors, thread winders, and other stitching necessities. Note the pieces of wool at top and bottom for pins and needles.

And here's the outside. Faye added a button and a cord to hold it closed.

I'm very happy with Faye's work and would not hesitate sending her additional pieces in the future.

I'm a happy girl today!



Barb said...

Faye does beautiful finishing. Your stitching is lovely.

LaNelle said...

Beautiful stitched pieces and finishing is spectacular! Faye's work is fabulous and I have always loved every piece she has created for me..I know you will treasure yours for years to come!

Stasi said...

Two great pieces..both stitched and finished! Love the extra little touches!

Khristine Doiron said...

Faye's finishing is beautiful and your stitching is gorgeous!

Christine said...

Congrats ~ These are all beautiful!

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Both are beautifully done!