Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Seahawks and Sounders

After another long day of meetings and speeches we got to have some fun tonight at Century Link Field, home of the Seattle Seahawks end the Seattle Sounders (soccer).

A drum line was on hand to welcome us.

Super Bowl champs XLVIII!

And recognition of the 12th player was visible throughout the stadium!

Got to enter the field via the tunnel...

Amazing place.

A couple of Seahawks players (I have no idea who they are) were there along with the Super Bowl trophy.

And a couple of Sounders players with their championship trophy.

And I tried a Seattle dog - all beef hot dog with cream cheese and caramelized onions.

Fun evening, great opportunity!



Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Nice event How was the hot dog--all beef sounds good, onions sound good--not sure about the cream cheese

Khristine Doiron said...

Fun!! Interesting sounding hotdog! :)

Von said...

So glad you're having some fun while in Seattle! You're just a few hours away from me, lol! And look at that gorgeous weather! I'm going to have to try that Seattle dog - but no bun for me! :D

Jeanne said...

Glad you're enjoying your trip to Seattle Cathy. I've been there and saw the Space Needle but didn't go up into it. We've had the Chihuly exhibits here in Phoenix a couple times at our Botanical Gardens and they really are amazing. Your stitching continues to amaze get so much accomplished!

Barb said...

Now my DH is full of envy of your experience. He knew the name of the Hawks you met. And to think you got to go through the sacred tunnel lucky you! Glad you enjoyed the city. You did have a week with great weather!