Sunday, July 19, 2020

Perennial Pinwheels

This week, I continued to plug away on the large “Summer” design from Hands on Designs’ Perennial Pinwheels. Summer, Fall, and Winter are now finished in the larger sized design. There is also a medium and small sized design that I still need to stitch for each season. So, three down and nine to go! 

They stitch up quickly though. I love the linen colors and the thread colors Cathy selected; they really pop on the linen. I should have Spring all stitched up by Sunday night and then I’ll move on to the medium-sized designs.

Look at this sweet finish that I received in the mail this week. About three years ago at our guild’s Annual Meeting, several finished pieces were offered as door prizes. A member of the guild had stitched the items. I selected a beautifully stitched band sampler.

Recently, I’ve been cleaning through my stitching things, trying to organize better, and I came across the sampler. What to do with it? I didn’t really want to frame it - not quite my style. I didn’t want to stick it back in a drawer either. Then all of a sudden the light bulb went on. I decided to reach out to Faye Riggsbee. I had seen a Huswif that she finished recently for another stitcher and thought maybe she could do something similar.

I sent the piece off to Faye and she worked her magic. This week, the finished piece came back to me and it is beautiful! Faye created the most gorgeous Huswif using a beautiful lining fabric from French General that coordinates with the design. There are two pockets for scissors and/or threads and a needle page that is embellished with a sweet little bow and some buttons.

I am tickled pink with Faye’s finish. 

Hope you are doing well and staying safe. Please wear a mask. We need to do all we can to stop the spread of this horrible virus. Stay home and stitch!


Robin in Virginia said...

Your HOD pieces are darling. Love your Huswife, Cathy! Faye did an incredible on the finishing.

Khristine Doiron said...

That sampler works perfectly as a Huswif. Faye does lovely work! And I love your pinwheels. What do you plan to do with them all when they are finished?

fiore said...

love this...