Sunday, January 24, 2021

Recent Stitching

Thanks to those who continue to visit my blog; I appreciate your kind comments.

I’ve been kind of fickle lately with my stitching. I haven’t really settled in with a project. I was working on the Barbara Ana sampler which I will share with you below and then decided I should hit that box of smaller projects I have been collecting. Looking for some quick wins I guess.

So here is Barbara Ana’s Portuguese Bird Sampler. I love Barbara Ana designs. I started this one about two years ago and made a meager start. When I stitched on it last week, I added the alphabet. The linen is darker than what the pattern calls for. It’s Picture This Plus Oaken.

This weekend I pulled this kit from La D Da out of my box of small projects. I should be able to finish this in a couple of nights.

Here we are at Monday again. Hope you have a good week!


Donna G. said...

I’m hoping that 2021 will be the year that I finish many of the projects that have been neglected for years!

Marilyn said...

Never saw that Barbara Ana design it's pretty.
I am also working on that same La D Da kit, love it.

Robin in Virginia said...

Both projects are lovely, Cathy!

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

My stitch friend Lori stitched Portuguese Bird Sampler and it is stunning. Am going to start Kindred Spirits of the Thread (after I finish the blue flower drum from Market)

Unknown said...

I'm with you I am doing some smaller projects just to get some quick finishes under my belt to start the year, then I'll contemplate something larger from the stash I have. Love reading your blog. Robyn Sydney Australia

Khristine Doiron said...

Both are beautiful! I love the darker fabric you are using for the Barbara Ana pattern! Hope you have a good week too!

Barb said...

You will have a few nice finishes soon! I also love Barbara Ana, I did one of her Halloween pieces and it hangs all year in my craft room.!

diamondc said...

Hello Cathy: Nice Barbara Ana design, she does have some lovely designs.
You do choose some lovely designs to stitch.