Sunday, May 16, 2021

Zooming and Stitching

Busy weekend. 

About six weeks ago I saw a post on Facebook for a class with Isobel from the Primitive Hare. I had nothing planned and thought it was a good opportunity to experience something new. Isobel lives in the mountains of northern Italy on the border with Austria. The participants on the Zoom call were from the U.S., Italy and Finland and the class was conducted in English and Italian. Isn’t technology amazing? When the project is finished it will be a needlebook. The rose that will be attached was made and painted by hand. There’s quite a bit of stitching to this piece and it will take me awhile to finish it. I enjoyed it.

Recently, I’ve been working more on the Hardanger that I’ve been stitching for my cousin. I’ve been working on it on and off for about a year and I’ve decided that I just need to get it done. I finished the placket that goes on the front of the blouse.

I’ve never done the tooth edging before. This book from Yvette Stanton was a big help. If you do Hardanger, you may want to consider adding this book to your library of needlework books.

Hopefully, next time I post, I have all four pieces finished.

Thanks for stopping by!


Marilyn said...

Beautiful stitching!

Robin in Virginia said...

Beautiful hardanger piece, Cathy! Your Zoom class piece looks super.

Lelia said...

Beautiful Hardanger, the edge is pretty !!! What an interesting zoom opportunity. Isn't it great to take a class in the comfort of your own stitching area??? Awesome project. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

Khristine Doiron said...

Beautiful! The rose is quite different from her other designs. Looking forward to seeing how it is finished.

butterfly said...

Beautiful stitching on both.