Friday, August 26, 2005

121 Days Until Christmas!

This is a HIHN design from a couple years ago. Very quick, very easy!

Yup, if I calculated right, it's just 121 days until Christmas. Usually, about this time of year, I make my list of special people who I'd like to stitch gifts for and then I spend the entire Fall stitching for others. I love giving handmade gifts to others (especially those who appreciate all the effort and love that went into the gift!)

By the way, I finished the Too Tiny Too Sampler - the scanned image is a little bit crooked, but the piece is beautiful!

Have a great Friday and a nice weekend!


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BeckySC said...

Hi Cathy....
I know there was an e-mail from you in my inbox (at least I think it was you)'s not there now-BUT, I did read it and I DO have the instructions for the flat fold-just haven't gotten them posted anywhere yet-I will let you know when I do :)

Your Too Tiny Too Sampler turned out great :) I enjoyed stitching it!

thanks for sharing :)

Chelle said...

Awesome finishes Cathy - the DT is a beauty!

Lelia said...

C: Beautiful Drawn Thread finish! You can always delete comments if you are logged in, go to comments and click on the trash can icon -- delete forever.

DT patterns are one of my favorites.