Thursday, March 30, 2006

One More Thing

As soon as I saw this new design from Little House Needleworks, I thought of Barbara. Isn't it an adorable design?

The Counting House

Have you seen the new Drawn Thread designs? Do you like them? I must admit, I like most anything from Drawn Thread!

Check out the English Garden Pocket and the Wayward Garden Chart!

Okay, better sign off. The kids are ready to go!


Katrina said...

Cathy, I spotted the new DT's yesterday and aren't they wonderful? I'll most definately be purchasing them as soon as I can :)

Lelia said...

The DT garden pocket & garden sampler are wonderful!

Are you going to get them? Wow.

Myrna said...

I sure don't need tempting on more DT's!!! I just got the game board, and hopefully can pick up the threads next week, and sneak that into my stitching somehow! I really like it.

And, of course I like the LHN designs too!

Must not follow links.... (attempting to hold hand away from the mouse....)

Have a great weekend...

cathymk said...

I love the new LHN!! I think it is the little owl in the tree that really sold it for me (don't know why but it just charms me).

The new DT are just gorgeous too!

I just wanted to mention that your apricot elegance looks wonderful - congratulations!!

Susimac said...

DT Garden pocket is gorgeous and I love the LHN counting house too, ooh I want both of them - resists, resist!!.