Sunday, March 19, 2006

Spot of Spring Happy Dance!

Well, I'll have to add the photo later - Blogger is not cooperating this morning. On Thursday's, I've been stitching along with Katrina and Von on the DT "Spots". I'm happy to report that I just finished Spot of Spring. I will likely start another spot, perhaps not this week, but week after (I have quite a bit of catching up to do!)

There just hasn't been much time for stitching lately. I had a busy week at work and winter sports are wrapping up for both kids. What time I did have was spent working on exchanges and my version of Apricot Elegance - many who participated in this SAL have completed their needlebook; I'm still working on finishing my stitching!

This afternoon, I will be stitching on a Danish Pulled Thread project that I started two weeks ago. I'm taking a class at one of the local needlework shops. We meet every other Tuesday and I need to finish my assignment for this Tuesday's class. After this week's class I should be able to post a picture.

We have about 15 inches of snow on the ground here in MN - yes, mother nature packed quite a punch this past week! I can't wait for spring!


Von said...

My goodness, Cathy, 15 inches of snow!
Winter just has to get her last licks in as she knows her time is about up. :D
Can't wait to see your Spot! I didn't get to mine this week as I was tired from my other responsibilities - argh!! I also love pulled thread work! Hope Blogger cooperates soon!

mainely stitching said...

15 inches of snow? WOW. It's hard for me to believe. I hope that Spring is just around the corner for you!!

Sounds like it's busy-busy days for you. I hope it's all going well (i.e.: stress-free!). Take care, and post those pictures when Blogger is behaving!

Lelia said...

I saw pictures on the news & was thinking about you. That is just too much.

Looking forward to seeing a pic of your pulled thread project. Funness.

Happy Spring!

Anne S said...

I'm hoping to get started on my Marine Elegance later today - I'm so far behind, it's just not funny! And with more visitors arriving on Tuesday, next week's not looking too crash hot for stitching either :( At least we can still keep encouraging each other with it, even if everyone else has finished LOL.