Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Stitching Red Part Two

I was thinking last night about how much I have enjoyed stitching this project in the evenings.  I have been mostly at home lately (driving back and forth to work in my little red Toyota vs. flying back and forth in an airplane.). It feels good.

Last night I finished up the pincushion stitching.  I still need to add the backstitching, but I need another skein of Weeks Tatanka to make that happen.  I’ll be going to Stitchville again soon.

The Mad Tatter and I are making a little road trip today to visit a cousin who spends her summers in Minnesota.  It’s going to be hot today.  I just hope we get home before the thunderstorms hit.

Happy 4th!


Mary said...

Safe driving to Minnesota, hope you miss the thunderstorms. The pincushion pattern is lovely, I love the red fabric you used also. Happy 4th!!

Robin in Virginia said...

Sweet almost finish! Hope your road trip went well and you beat the thunderstorms home. Happy Independence Day!

Khristine Doiron said...

Looking good! Hope you missed the thunder!