Sunday, February 14, 2021

Summer House Necklace

One of my groups of stitching friends gets together once a month via Zoom. The Zoom call starts in the morning and continues into the evening. We can come and go as we need to. We Zoomed yesterday. I kept the laundry going in between stitching projects.

The pin disks in yesterday’s post was the first project that I worked on. (Robin, I purchased these kits from The Purple Thread at Needlework Galleria in 2019.)

My second project of the day was to do the finishing on this kit from Stacy Nash called Summer House Necklace. I started stitching it on Superbowl Sunday and worked on it throughout the week. It was a quick stitch and an easy finish!

Little Lizzie was spayed this week. Despite having to wear this cone, she’s still a happy girl!

Thanks for stopping by!


Marilyn said...

That necklace is so cute.
Poor Lizzie, hope she heals fast.

Donna G. said...

Beautiful necklace. I’ve stitched a few necklaces before. I like the way yours turned out.

Robin in Virginia said...

Cathy, thanks for the information about the pin disks. What a cool necklace you stitched and finished! I wish Miss Lizzie a speedy recovery.

diamondc said...

Hi Cathy: Poor Lizzie, I hope she gets the cone off soon, Mikey is going to get neutered soon, Krissy and Mikey say hello to Lizzie.
Beautiful designs and finish.


Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Nice job on the finishing. Poor puppy--

Khristine Doiron said...

Beautiful finishing on your necklace!

Barb said...

What a cute house design. I'm glad the puppy is doing well!( I read the above post)

Lelia said...

Such a cool necklace. Or, could be a nametag. Lovely!