Sunday, August 14, 2005

Stash Enhancing Weekend

Well, it was our annual trip to northern Minnesota. We always stay in Walker, MN on Leech Lake (one of the larger lakes in MN). We're there to visit with friends and family, enjoy good food and relax! On Saturday, "the girls" like to go shopping and every year we try to check out someplace new.

This year we traveled to Grand Rapids, MN - it's about a 45 minute drive from where we were staying. Our destination - the Old School House. The building has been renovated and is home to a quaint collection of shops. We thoroughly enjoyed checking each shop out. Just before stopping for lunch, we visited the yarn shop on the top floor. I crochet some, but have never learned to knit. I did not anticipate that I would be buying anything - I just wanted to check it out. Well, to my surprise, they had all kinds of needlework supplies and they were all being clearanced out! At first I didn't realize it, but the store clerks confirmed that they weren't going to carry needlework supplies anymore, they were only going to focus on yarn! Let the shopping begin!

The clerks were kind enough to find my mother and daughter each a folding chair and they offered my mother a cold glass of water (bless the clerks!) The two of them played hang man and tic tac toe for the next hour or so. Ha!

All fabric pieces were $1, YES $1. They were all 13 1/2 x 8 inch cuts (or larger). Dirty Belfast, Champagne, Willow Green, Laurel, Light Mocha, Prairie Grain, Sandstone, Buttermilk, Desert Sand, Chestnut - I think you get the picture. Three of the pieces were R&R fabrics! All $1 per piece.

Fibers - all 50% off. I went through the Weeks Dye Works and picked out colors that I thought I would use. Caron Wildflowers - yes, I bought some of this too!

Two pieces I was thrilled to get were Drawn Thread kits (yes- fabric, silk floss and beads included). Winter Into Spring and Summer Into Autumn - both half price! There were also two Heart in Hand kits that I did not have - Harvest Home Sampler and Reindeer Sampler - these include fabric and buttons, again half price.

Finally, there was a miscellaneous box of patters that I went through, The box was marked "10 patterns for $1" - Included in the ten patterns that I purchased was Minute Spot and Too Tiny Samplers from Drawn Thread, plus some oldies from Homespun Elegance, Twisted Threads and Heart In Hand.

I felt like a kid in a candy store. Several times I had to ask if I really understood the signs correctly! I was so giddy when I left there! What fun!

I may not have time to update this newly created blog since I will need to spend every spare minute I have stitching to use up this stash. Stitching, hmmmmm, that's right - I should update you. I had hoped to finish a project (or two this weekend) but I was too busy shopping (tee hee). Here's a photo of my almost completed ABC123 design from Little House Needleworks.

Here's the other project I started working on this weekend - it was a freebie from Little Hosue Needleworks last year called Early America.

Hopefully, I will finish these two projects this week!

That's it for me. Hope everyone has a great week!


tutoring247 said...

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Lelia said...

Your LHN are fabulous. I have Herb Garden around here someplace. I sorta like bunny stuff .... and critter stuff a lot. Good going on the stash enhancing! I just shreiked reading about your bargains and the DRAWN THREAD kits ... mercy. You should have bought all of them & shared the wealth ; ) : ) lol

Lelia said...

btw, what the heck is the office team building activity stuff? Think they stitch? lol

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You had a great stash haul - what fabulous bargains! Hope you enjoy stitching it up :)

Your LHN pieces look great, especially ABC, 123 - congratulations!

PS Sorry for the deleted comment - I can't spell today ;)

Tobie said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog and seeing pics of your stitching. Little House Needleworks is one of my favorites too, and I also stitched up the Americana kit, don't you love that? WOW about your shopping and all of those DT's for half price?! Great stash haul!!

Cathy B said...

Lelia (Carol), Karenv and Tobie - thank you for visiting my blog. I've bookmarked yours and will visit them often!

Chelle said...

First I have to say your projects are awesome! You are on a LHN roll. The Early America freebie is looking great - I started in the middle too! :o) About the sale, that is simply amazing! What great bargains. Yahoo for you!