Monday, February 15, 2021

Winter Delivery

Here is another piece I worked on finishing during Saturday’s Zoom call. You might recall that I stitched this last December. I finished it as a small pillow, but it never really felt “finished.”  Lady Dot Creates to the rescue! I ordered some small rick rack in black (the actual color name is Licorice). On Saturday, I hand-stitched the rick rack to the pillow. Now I’m happy with it!

After all of my finishing projects I started another small kit from my stash. I purchased it as a club kit, but I do think the pattern is available now to purchase.

A Country Winter by Plum Street Samplers

Not bad for two nights of stitching, right?

Lizzie is doing well and thanks you all for the well wishes. She has to wear the cone for another week, but trust me, she is back to her Labrador  antics!

Take care and stay warm wherever you are!


Barb said...

The black ricrac really finishes that design nicely!

Robin said...

Love the pillow. The rick rack trim is perfect.

butterfly said...

Love your stitching and the finish .
Also a very nice new chart .
Enjoy your week.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

You do such lovely work! The ricrac trim finishes the piece beautifully!

Marilyn said...

A beautiful finish!
Glad Lizzie is doing well.

Robin in Virginia said...

The Licorice rick rack looks fabulous on your finish! You are off to a great start on the PSS piece.

Donna G. said...

Pretty pillow. The rickrack sets off your pillow finish.

Khristine Doiron said...

Love the addition of the rick rack! And glad to hear Lizzie is feel good!

diamondc said...

Hi Cathy: The ric-rac is beautiful addition to the pillow, thank-you for letting us know where you bought it.
I like the new design you are starting.
Poor baby having to wear that cone, I hope it comes off soon.
Mikey and Krissy the dogs say hello to Lizzie.

Have a wonderful day

diamondc said...

Cathy: The rick rack is perfect, thank-you for letting us know where you bought it.
Lovely Plum Street design.
Have a wonderful day


Lelia said...

Oh my stars. The edge is perfect.
The linen is a GREAT color. Such a lovely finish.