Thursday, November 26, 2020

Anna Grater

We had a quiet, but enjoyable Thanksgiving. The Mad Tatter decided it was best for her to stay home. We took her some fruit salad, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie. She sent home with us the dressing, applesauce, and cranberries. We each made our own turkey. We hope to celebrate together next year, but for this year, it worked.

After dinner, I needed a nap. My little Lizzie joined me on the recliner.

For several weeks I was in a stitching slump and could not settle on a project. This lovely design pulled me out. It’s from The Scarlett House and it’s called Anna Grater. I think it was a club piece. I had it all kitted up. It’s stitched on 36ct Weeks Tin Roof with GAST fibers. I love stitching alphabets, but the eyelet alphabet was not my favorite.’s done!

I’m calling this a finish, but I still have some filling in to do at the bottom. I’m saving this section for an upcoming Zoom call. It’s easy to be on a call and just fill in an area like this. No pattern needed!

Looking forward to the long weekend. I’m finishing up another fall piece that I started recently.

Take care!


Robin in Virginia said...

Anna Grater is lovely. Glad she was able to bring you out of your slump.

Barb said...

That is beautiful. I think it is one that I will order.

Marilyn said...

It's beautiful.
Lizzie is really growing!

diamondc said...

Cathy: Lizzie is adorable, Mikey and Krissy send their love.
I like the design you chose to work on, it is lovely.
I too have had stitching slumps.
I hope you are all well.