Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Garland Fair

I thought I would be able to share this last night, but I was eight letters short of a finish.

May I present to you, Garland Fair from Blackbird Designs. This was one of their Loose Feather designs from 2005. I started it about a week ago and finished it tonight. I’m not sure what possessed me to stitch this on 40 ct (R&R Patriot’s Brew) linen, because that verse is stitched over one. I must be cuckoo!

“Would that this Garland fair

Might weave around thy life,

A spell to shield from care,

A guard from every strife.”

It’s stitched entirely with GAST Maple Syrup. I love it and will likely frame it.

I’m closing in on another finish which I hope to share soon.

Geraldine - that chevron case you noticed in an earlier post was from JoAnn’s. My light fits in it perfectly! I believe it was intended to be used for storing knitting needles.


butterfly said...

Love your new stitch ,I like stitching on 40ct but only in the summer .
Have a good day.

Robin in Virginia said...

Your Garland Fair piece is gorgeous! Well done, Cathy!

Sweet Sue said...


Khristine Doiron said...

That is so pretty! Well done!