Sunday, October 22, 2017

A Few More Random Things

I have a few final things that I want to capture here on the blog regarding our trip and then we will resume normal programming (needlework).

From our trip in 2011:

This year’s trip:

If you ever visit Mrs. Szigethy’s museum in Hegyko, you will see that I am in the exhibit! These framed articles talk about my visit in 2012 and then about the presentations I made about the Höveji Lace in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

It was a wonderful time of year to visit. Many grapes had been harvested but some were still on the vines. The longer they stay on the vine, the sweeter the wine.

We had a wonderful trip! Special memories to hold on to forever!


Stasi said...

Cathy,I just read through the blogs about your journey to Hungary/Austria and it sounds like you had a wonderful visit. It is so special that your American family has retained it's ties with your European family and you can experience your heritage in person, made more special by doing it with your Mom. I do have to admit to getting a chuckle out of the Coke bottle in a couple photos. Thanks for sharing!

Mary said...

You have made me want to go back to Hungary and see more of this wonderful country. I took the train from Romania to Hungary and saw some countryside. I loved seeing the sheepherders with their flocks. I spent a few days in Budapest, we stayed on both sides of the city, a few days in Buda and a few days in pest. It was a wonderful vacation and you have me yearing to go back and see so much more. I'm so glad you had a great trip.

Khristine Doiron said...

What an honor that you are in Mrs. Szigethy's museum! And thank you so much for sharing your trip with us. I hope you are able to go many more times!

Ann at Prairie Primrose said...

I've enjoyed following your holiday with the Mad Tatter. It looked wonderful!

Bekca said...

It's been so lovely reading about your amazing trip. I would love to visit myself one day!