Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Illmitz and Hungary

It rarely rains in Burgenland, but today it is raining! Have I told you how much I love the breakfasts here in Austria? Especially the Apricot jam.

After breakfast we took a drive to Illmitz. Our first stop was at the Illmitz Zicksee (lake). This lake is almost completely dried up; it looks like there is snow on the ground but it is really salt.

This area is National Park and many people come to this area to view birds.

After this brief stop we continued on to the Neusiedler See. This is the largest lake in the area. It is a very shallow lake.

Not very scenic today; cloudy and rainy.

In the afternoon we drove to Sopron. We had lunch at a nice Italian restaurant in the center of the old city.

These shops and apartments are quite nice.

This is part of the wall that went around the old city.

I found a nice shop and purchased a few gifts. Before heading back home we stopped at a Hungarian supermarket to purchase some Paprika and Saffron.

The bakery at the supermarket had some Grammel biscuits for sale. My mom remembered when her mother used to make grammel when rendering lard. The grammel are the crisp bits that remain. Our snack this afternoon is Mohnstrudel and Grammel biscuits.

That’s all for today!


Khristine Doiron said...

While I am quite envious of your whole trip that breakfast has me very envious!

Smily said...

Hey-hey, see the places I know :)
There are more nice towns in Hungary worth seeing, f.e. Köszeg.

Mary said...

Oh, I love the photos of the old buildings, so well kept and charming. I love breakfast in Eastern Europe, I'm a cheese fanatic and to get cheese at breakfast thrilled me. Looking forward to tomorrow's post! Mary

Bekca said...

I'm really enjoying catching up with all of your adventures, it looks like you had a wonderful time, despite the weather!