Sunday, October 22, 2017

Sankt Andrä am Zicksee Part Two

If you go back to my post on October 7, you will see that we spent some time that Saturday visiting with some cousins who live in Sankt Andrä. We had a great time on Saturday visiting the Eastern Orthodox Monastery and then enjoyed a delicious dinner of wine and open faced sandwiches at a Heuriger (tavern) in Gols.

We spent most of Sunday with this family too. The day started with Mass in their local church. All of these little villages are Roman Catholic and each has its own church. There aren’t enough priests though, so two or three village churches will often share one priest.

Today in Sankt Andrä they had a Thanksgiving celebration at Mass. A crown was made from wheat and the fall harvest was blessed by the priest.

After Mass, we traveled to the lake. The water level is much lower than it normally would be. Many people from Vienna have vacation homes in this area and they come in the summer to enjoy the lake.

The family wanted to share with us a meal that would traditionally be served at a wedding or some other celebration.

The noodles for our soup were made the day prior.

We enjoyed two kinds of soup, noodle soup and liver dumpling soup. My mom had asked about Grießknödels (farina dumplings) the day before and she got those too!

What do you do when you are served two soups? You have a bowl of one and then a bowl of the other! Both were delicious!

Our second course was meat and potatoes. A beef roast served with a wine creme sauce.

Everything was so good, the beef was tender.

Mind you, I’m getting kind of full at this point, but we had another course yet. Stuffed pork roast - Schweinbraten - with Sauerkraut.

And last but not least, an apple dessert and cappuccino.

And then my mother started talking about those grammel (lard bits) biscuits again and look what appeared.

It was a very special afternoon. We were so fortunate to have these beautiful young ladies spend time with us while in America. We enjoyed spending time with them and their family while in Austria.

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Khristine Doiron said...

It is like that here with the Catholic churches on PEI. One priest does 3 or 4 churches. Some churches end up only being able to have mass on Saturdays because there just isn't enough time to have it on Sunday.

Look at all the delicious looking food! Well you definitely can't say you did eat well while you were there :)