Sunday, October 22, 2017


One of my favorite places to travel to while visiting our relatives is Sopron. It’s a beautiful city located in western Hungary. It’s only about a 30 - 35 minute drive from the villages in Burgenland. It’s a beautiful drive through the area just south of the Neusiedlersee (Lake Neusiedl).

According to Wikipedia, Sopron was once a city “close to nowhere” due to the Iron Curtain. Now that the borders are open, people can travel freely between Austria and Hungary. Many Austrians come to Sopron to shop. One of my cousins comes to hairdresser in Sopron because they are open on Sundays and it is more convenient for her.

Most signs in Sopron are written in Hungarian and German. In shops and restaurants many people speak both Hungarian and German.

We were searching for a book that I wanted to purchase. The book store was located near the center of the city. I snapped some photos of the beautiful buildings in the old part of the city. The medieval architecture has been beautifully preserved!

I’d like to come back and spend more time here!

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Khristine Doiron said...

Beautiful! Looks like a fun place to explore :)