Sunday, October 15, 2017

Hegyko, Part Two

This particular form of Hungarian embroidery originated in Hövej, Hungary. Our Austrian cousins introduced it to us on one of our visits in the late 1990’s. It became of particular interest to me because 1) I am a needleworker, and 2) my great - grandfather (my mother’s paternal grandfather) was born in Hövej.

Hövej Csipke or Hövej Lace Embroidery is very similar to other types of lace embroidery. What is unique about it is that the holes that are created are filled with different patterns. The technique used is needle lace.

Mrs. Szigethy was born in Hövej and learned how to do make this lace embroidery when she was ten years old. Patterns are handed down from family and friends; there is no formal training or pattern book. You can tell that these handmade patterns have been used many times over the years.

The pattern is then traced on the organza or cotton fabric.

The Gingher was a gift from me a few year’s back!

In the old days, a heavy iron was warmed on the fire and then used to press the embroideries.

More beautiful lace!

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LaNelle said...

Cathy, what an amazing blog to see these treasures such beauty! Would love to have these in my home...❤️

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